A word from and about your Captain:

I began parasailing in Orange Beach, Alabama back in the summer of 1995. I was teaching school and did this as a summer job. 

As a child I had always loved parachutes and was all the time making one from an old bed sheet to tow behind my bicycle. 

When I met Don Alford in February 1995 he had just opened a parasail business in Orange Beach the summer before. We hit it off and I worked for him for many summers until he sold the business. I continued to work for others until I retired from teaching. At that point I bought a boat and partnered up with another to form ABC Parasail

I can honestly guarantee you will have the best parasail experience possible with my company. I can make this guarantee because I will be the one taking you parasailing. I do not rely on anyone else operating my boat..... I operate it myself, accompanied by my First Mate Rowdy. 

I do this because parasailing is a passion of mine that I truly love and I also love to introduce it to others. When you parasail with me, you will be told exactly what you will receive as far as minimum "flight times" go. These times will be guaranteed and you will most always receive more than you are told

I sincerely hope you decide to parasail with me. I have been truly Blessed by GOD when he placed me in this vocation and know it is what I am called to do. It is my pleasure to share the experience with you!

Kindest regards,
Chuck Pruitt


PS---- Respectfully, if you are just looking for the "cheapest price" in town and don't care what you receive in return for your hard earned money; we are probably not the place for you. While our prices are very competitive we do not advertise  "cheapest". 

We advertise honestly and offer a quality parasail experience..... not a sub-par "ride".

Our Flight Times are 11 - 12 minutes....... backed by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

In anything, you usually get what you pay for. With ABC Parasail...... you'll get more than you pay for. 


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