Parasailing 101

This page is for anyone who has never parasailed before and / or is a little apprehensive about the whole experience.  :)

The goal of this page is to explain the entire process.... from leaving the dock to returning........ so that you will be able to put aside your fears and not rob yourself of experiencing the trip of a lifetime.

The Boat Ride

All of our trips leave from.... and return to, our dock. 

With us you get the whole experience.

When you first arrive you will fill out some required paperwork.

Then you will board the boat and take an entertaining 5-10 minute ride out into the gulf. On the ride we will fit all of the flyers with their harnesses (described below).   

Once in the Gulf the boat will stop and the Captain and deck hand will inflate the parachute (Mr. Happy).

Then it's go time for the first to fly.  

Scroll the rest of this page to get a fairly detailed example of the parasail flight itself.


1. Putting on the harness






 Everyone flying will wear a harness and a life jacket. In most cases this will be put on during the boat ride out into the gulf.


2. Preparing for Takeoff








You will be escorted to the flight deck by the deck hand.  He will connect your harness to the parachute yoke and then instruct you to have a seat on the deck. 


3. Take-Off







The boat will speed up and the rope will be let out. You will lift off the deck with a sensation of weightlessness.

4. Up, Up, Up







The trip up will last a couple of minutes. When all of the line is out you will be 800 feet out.

5. High in the sky






From here you can see miles in every direction.     Often our customer will see lots of wildlife in the water also...... including schools of fish, rays, and sea turtles...... to name a few.

6. Coming Back






After being all the way out for several minutes you will notice the boat becoming larger. But don't worry the fun is not over yet.

7. The dip






The dip is not the choice of the crew but the choice of your friends and family still on the boat. lol   ... ;) 
So, if you don't want to get dipped you better be extra nice to them the whole trip. LOL .. :)


8. Welcome Back


                                                        Finally, you will land safely back on the boat. The deck hand will unhook you from the chute and will escort you back to your seat in the boat.

This pretty well explains the "parasail process", we hope it has been informative to you.

Also, if you had any fears about parasailing... we hope this page has eased them... and made you even more excited about flying with us.  

We do look foward to seeing you soon.



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