I have been running a parasail boat in Orange Beach, AL since 1995. This is longer than anyone here presently involved in parasail. 

It pains me to see what has happened to much of the parasail industry since the "good old days".
In the "good old days", value was placed on each customer and they were treated as such.
Fake discount coupons were not used. Neither was bait and switch advertising chocked full of lies.

Advertising was honest and you got what you were told. You were treated like a person.... not a just a number.

Boat crews were not paid commission on how many people they flew each day, they were paid an hourly wage.
When crews are paid by commission, the customer loses big time.

I was first employed as a parasail boat captain
by Don & Cyndi Alford in 1995 and worked for them until Don sold the business in January 2001. This business was run with honesty & integrity and the customer was taken care of and placed first.

I worked for the new owner 2001 & 2002. That is when I began to see the parasail industry began to stray from "Honesty and Integrity". I still gave the customer what they were promised but the owner was not happy. He lost the business after 2 years.

2003 I had a back injury and could not work on the water.

2004 I ran a eco tour boat.

2005 it was back to parasail working for someone else. It was a disaster & a short summer because he would not keep the equipment up at all. So I moved on and said to myself if I ever ran parasail again I would have my own boat.

January 2006 that became a reality and I became an Owner/Operator of ABC Parasail.

My business is run with Honesty & Integrity. You get what you are told you will get. Simple as that....

Sure I could make more money, if I flat out lied to you like some of the other "companies"....,.,,.,. but that is just not my style.

I believe in the values of the "Good Old Days".
When a man's word was his bond.
When each individual was treated as they matter.

That is how it was, that is how it still should be as far as I am concerned.

That is how it is at ABC Parasail..... still like the "Good Old Days".


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