A word to potential customers:

There are many more parasail companies in Orange Beach now than when I began back in 1995.
I taught school then and worked summers for Don Alford, the gentleman who introduced winch boat parasail to Orange Beach.

Some of these companies are good and some do their best to make you think they are good by fancy advertising full of smoke and mirrors as well as outright lies.

I hope you parasail with my company, but of course many will not. But, no matter who you end up choosing.... make sure you get what you pay your hard earned money for. Make sure you get the "flight time" you are promised when you make your reservations. Some companies will tell you one thing and give you much less...... sad but true.

If this happens to you....... DEMAND A REFUND ........ you have just been robbed. 
Accept no excuses, cause there is no excuse for you being cheated.

In choosing a company to parasail with, beware of catch phrases such as........ "Your flight time will be UP to ???? minutes". 

A reputable company will have no problem telling you a guaranteed minimum flight time.  
Example: "Your flight time will be ???? minutes.... guaranteed". [And ???? is just an example here.....  just make sure you get what you are told.]

Sure, this is a small play on words. 
BUT, it can & will make a world of difference in what you receive. 
Don't be deceived and cheated...... be informed.

Which ever company you choose, I hope your parasail experience is a good one. If you happen to choose a company that cheats you that is unfortunate...... but don't accept any excuses. Demand a refund. And then give someone else a try.

Most companies are honest, the operative word being "most"..... sadly though, a few are not.

At  ABC Parasail,  you will always get more than you pay for. Enough said, buyer beware.  :)
Find a good company and have a "parasail experience"..... not just a ride.

Best regards,
Capt. Chuck Pruitt

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